Exposing Some Myths About Divorce That May Be Misleading You

Divorcing from a spouse is always a tricky and potentially conflict-ridden task, but it may be the only viable avenue for dissolving a marriage. Therefore, you need to have accurate information about this type of legal proceeding, which may require learning the truth concerning several frequent divorce myths. Myth: Wait Until You Are Completely Sure About Filing For Divorce Before Meeting With An Attorney A common assumption is that you should only schedule an appointment with your attorney once you have resolved to file the divorce paperwork.

2 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Children During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy. Both spouses will experience a great deal of stress and trauma, even if the divorce is for the best. Anytime a once meaningful relationship ends, there will be a period of grief. But what many people don’t recognize is that the divorce can be just as bad or worse for the children. If you have children, you need to be very understanding of their stress and feelings of trauma during the divorce.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For Wrongful Death After A Commercial Truck Accident?

If you have recently lost a spouse or family member due to an accident that involved a commercial truck, you might be thinking about filing a wrongful death suit. After all, you probably want the responsible party to be held responsible for the tragic accident. However, you might be wondering who will actually be held responsible in one of these cases. This will depend on the situation, and it is something that an experienced attorney, such as Allison & Rickards, Attorneys at Law, LLC, can help you determine.

What You Should Know When A Trespasser Is Injured On Your Property

When someone gets hurt on your property, you may feel scared that you’ll end up getting sued. However, when it comes to trespassers, the laws are a little different. Check out these four facts about trespassers and injury, so you can protect yourself. You Don’t Usually Have to Ensure Their Safety If you invite someone to your home, and they break their leg when your worn porch collapses, you could be held responsible.

No Close Family? 2 Big Reasons Estate Planning Still Matters

When people talk about estate planning, it’s often in the context of protecting your family financially after your death. If you don’t have children, if you’ve never married or you’ve outlived your spouse, and if you don’t have any close relatives, it’s easy to think that you don’t have to worry about estate planning. But the truth is, if you don’t have any family in your life, estate planning is still important for you.

What A General Practice Attorney Is And Four Common Kinds Of Cases That Your General Practice Attorney Can Handle

If you are looking for legal help, do not overlook a general practice attorney. While the moniker might fool you, a general practice attorney has the power to take on many different kinds of cases. Here is what a general practice attorney is, and four kinds of cases with which he or she can help you. What a General Practice Attorney Is When you think of “general practice” you might be reminded of a general or family physician, someone who did not pursue a medical specialty and therefore just treats common ailments in a clinical setting.

Understanding How Parallel Parenting Can Help Your Divorce

One of the biggest struggles for many divorcing parents is working out the details of the parenting plan. After all, when emotions are high and things aren’t particularly civil, it can be challenging to work together. Luckily, co-parenting, or working together to raise the kids, isn’t the only way to handle things. If you and your ex are not on good terms, you can ask your attorney about a parallel parenting plan instead.