Hit While Crossing The Road? Answers To Your Questions About Liability

While pedestrians and cars must both share the road, pedestrians are at greater risk of injury and death while doing so. One of the riskiest points for that pedestrian is when crossing the road. If you cross the road in the wrong place and are hit by a driver, could you be held liable for your own injuries? It depends. Here are some answers to your most pressing questions.  1. Does Jaywalking Make You Liable?

4 Circumstances When You Should Consider Consulting A Physician License Defense Attorney

Due to the importance of a physician’s duties, such as diagnosing, prescribing treatment, and performing surgery, the medical board is vigilant when it comes to regulation. If accused of misconduct, they could face serious consequences, including the revocation or suspension of their medical license. In these situations, consulting an experienced physician license defense attorney to provide legal counsel and represent your interests is critical. Here are four circumstances when you should consider consulting a physician license defense attorney.

Why Time Is A Big Factor In Personal Injury Claims

Time is an issue that hangs over personal injury attorneys and their clients. People facing medical bills and lost wages would like to wrap their cases up as quickly as possible. However, other time factors push and pull in opposite directions. Here is why time is a big factor in injury claims and how it might affect yours. Healing Before a personal injury lawyer presents a demand package to the defense, they want to know how extensive their client’s injuries are.

Mistakes That Could Hamper Your Auto Accident Case

At some point during your life, you may be involved in an auto accident, and this could leave you facing substantial damages and medical costs. Making sure to avoid some serious mistakes following the accident can help you to strengthen your case when it comes time to pursue compensation for these losses. Mistake: Leaving The Scene Of The Accident Without Reporting The Incident A grave mistake that a person may make following an auto accident is leaving the scene of the accident without notifying the police so that an accident report can be prepared.