The Basics Of The Civil Litigation Process

Working with a civil litigation lawyer is a process that can feel alien to many people. You likely have some idea of what happens based on what you’ve seen from television, movies and the news. Rightly though, you probably have some doubts about how accurate that picture is. Let’s follow a timeline of the basics of civil litigation to improve your understanding of the process. The Complaint At the core of the process is the complaint.

Important Things To Know About Child Custody

Going through a divorce is rarely easy for anyone. However, the entire process can become even more difficult when a divorcing couple shares children and must deal with the matter of child custody. For most people, child custody is a very touchy subject, and one of the hardest parts of going through a divorce. Most parents do not like to think about being separated from their children throughout the year, but it is part of being divorced.

The Check's Not in the Mail: Getting Paid for SSDI

If you are in the process of applying for Social Security benefits, you might want to know what to expect in terms of payment. The SSA no longer issues paper checks to approved recipients, so read to learn more about two ways you can get paid Social Security benefits. Use a Bank Account Many employers make the use of direct deposit a requirement of employment and the SSA does too. In fact, no government benefits agency sends out paper checks anymore, be it the SSA, the Veteran’s Administration, the military or any other agency.

Drive Time: How A DUI Affects Driving Privileges

If an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) has you worried about your future driving privileges, you are right to be concerned. The way your DUI case turns out can have a huge effect on your punishments, and that includes your driving privileges. That means that you must make it a priority to retain a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in working with DUI clients. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself for the potential outcome of your case by taking a look at what might happen to your ability to drive.

Injured While Shopping: How A Pesonal Injury Lawyer Can Help

When you think of getting a lawyer for a personal injury, you think a lawyer will only assist those with work-related injuries. This is not the case: the goal of a personal injury lawyer is to assist any person who has been injured in any location and the injury was caused by the neglect of someone else. You’ve been injured while shopping at a local store and you have medical bills piling up, lost work while you heal, and other expenses that you shouldn’t have to pay.