Mistakes That Could Hamper Your Auto Accident Case

At some point during your life, you may be involved in an auto accident, and this could leave you facing substantial damages and medical costs. Making sure to avoid some serious mistakes following the accident can help you to strengthen your case when it comes time to pursue compensation for these losses.

Mistake: Leaving The Scene Of The Accident Without Reporting The Incident

A grave mistake that a person may make following an auto accident is leaving the scene of the accident without notifying the police so that an accident report can be prepared. Without one of these reports, establishing the basic facts of the accident and getting the contact information of the party responsible can lead to it being very difficult for the victim to pursue compensation. Often, individuals will fail to get an accident report when they assume that the accident was only minor. However, this can be very problematic if they discover that the damage to the vehicle was more extensive or their injuries more severe than they had originally assumed.

Mistake: Failing To Appreciate The Benefits Photographs Of The Accident And Site Can Provide

Photographic evidence can be very powerful regarding the trial proceedings that the accident case may require. Unfortunately, individuals that have been in an accident may not always appreciate the benefits of these photographs at the time. However, making a point to take photographic evidence of any visible injuries that you have suffered or damage to your vehicle can help you when it comes time to present your case. When taking these photographs, make sure to use a high-quality camera and to properly illuminate the area that is being photographed.

Mistake: Signing Documents The Insurance Presents Without Discussing Them With An Auto Accident Attorney

After the accident, you may be presented with documents and a settlement from the defense. Signing these documents or accepting the settlement can be a serious mistake if you have not first discussed them with an auto accident attorney. Failing to discuss this with an auto accident attorney can result in you agreeing to terms that may not be favorable given the particular facts surrounding your case. These professionals can help you with assessing the settlement offer and reviewing any documents that you are being asked to sign to ensure that their terms are fair and that your rights are protected. If the terms are unreasonable or the settlement offer is not acceptable, the attorney will be able to represent you during negotiations with the insurance carrier. 

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