Exposing Some Myths About Divorce That May Be Misleading You

Divorcing from a spouse is always a tricky and potentially conflict-ridden task, but it may be the only viable avenue for dissolving a marriage. Therefore, you need to have accurate information about this type of legal proceeding, which may require learning the truth concerning several frequent divorce myths.

Myth: Wait Until You Are Completely Sure About Filing For Divorce Before Meeting With An Attorney

A common assumption is that you should only schedule an appointment with your attorney once you have resolved to file the divorce paperwork. Yet it may be better to meet with a divorce attorney prior to making a final decision. In addition to helping you to understand what to expect from a divorce, the attorney will also be able to provide valuable guidance on how to prepare for filing for divorce. For example, your attorney may help you to understand the most important documents that you should obtain, such as reports of savings, investments and other financial assets. Being prepared and having these documents will make it easier to protect your rights and claim to the assets from the marriage.

Myth: A Contested Divorce Will Always Result In Very Long And Expensive Proceedings

Ideally, you would want your divorce to proceed with as few problems and disputes as possible. However, this is not always reality as detangling the assets of a marriage and settling custody issues can be particularly emotionally charged tasks.

Unfortunately, this will likely add to the final cost of the divorce as it will force your attorney to spend their time and energy fighting to ensure your interests in these negotiations are preserved. Luckily, attorneys will often work with clients that are struggling to pay for the costs of a contested divorce through payment plans and even being listed as a creditor to the marriage assets.

Myth: A Prenuptial Agreement Can Be Easily Voided

A prenuptial agreement can be an excellent way of protecting the interests of both spouses before they enter into marriage. However, some individuals might assume that these agreements can be easily voided, but it is actually rather rare for the court system to overturn a prenuptial agreement that was properly prepared. For this reason, it is important that you have any prenuptial agreement reviewed by an experienced attorney to make sure that your rights and interests are protected. While this may not sound like a romantic or pleasant task, it will protect your rights in the event of a divorce and grant you the peace of mind knowing what you should expect if the marriage were to fail.