What A General Practice Attorney Is And Four Common Kinds Of Cases That Your General Practice Attorney Can Handle

If you are looking for legal help, do not overlook a general practice attorney. While the moniker might fool you, a general practice attorney has the power to take on many different kinds of cases. Here is what a general practice attorney is, and four kinds of cases with which he or she can help you.

What a General Practice Attorney Is

When you think of "general practice" you might be reminded of a general or family physician, someone who did not pursue a medical specialty and therefore just treats common ailments in a clinical setting. However, a general practice attorney is a little different. While it is true that a general practice attorney did not choose a specialty to pursue (e.g., bankruptcy law, criminal defense law, etc.), he or she can still take cases across several different branches and specialties of law. Whatever your legal problem is, you can probably find a general attorney who is willing to take your case.

Four Common Kinds of Cases Handled by General Attorneys

While a general attorney can take any kind of case, there are four common kinds of cases that they typically defend. The first one is personal injury cases. Personal injury cases involve any type of injury caused by a device, a consumable product or a third party. They may also involve the negligent actions of your employer or the negligent actions of a company or manufacturer.

The second type of case is often civil suits where you are suing someone else for money owed. This could be money owed for services rendered, money you think should be refunded to you for failure to provide services, or money owed for rent and utilities if you shared an apartment with someone else. It could also be money owed for damages caused by the other person or the other person's property, such as a car ripping up your lawn when a driver was drunk and drove into your fence.

The third type of case typically involves traffic violations of the more severe kind, like a DUI or alleged vehicular assault. (Since these crimes also border on criminal behavior, your general practice attorney should have a little experience with criminal defense too.) If you also have a stack of traffic tickets, impounded vehicle fees and related legal troubles, then your general attorney can address these issues with you in traffic court.

A fourth kind of case commonly handled by a general practice attorney is the assault and battery and protection type. Here, you have either been accused of assault and battery, or you are seeking protection as a victim of assault and battery. Restraining orders are filed on your behalf, and you appear in court with your lawyer to state why you need legal protection or why you are innocent of the A&B charges. Since domestic violence is rather high in the U.S., it is the reason behind the frequency of this kind of case and why it is commonly handled with a general attorney.

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