The Phone Call After The Accident: How To Be Ready

After a car accident, you will very likely be contacted by the other driver's insurance provider. Factors such as the other driver being at fault for the accident will make it certain that you will hear from that driver's insurer by mail or by phone. The way this call is dealt with can change the way your accident claim is processed. Read on to be ready for the call.

Representative of the Insurance Company

Even if they don't say so, the caller is probably an insurance adjuster for the at-fault driver's insurance company. Fault in an accident is extremely important and almost nothing else can be done with the claim unless fault has been decided. The adjuster's role is to interview the drivers to attain information about the accident and the physical injuries of the parties. However, this call can also be tricky for anyone, whether the fault has been decided or not.

Talk to Your Insurer

You owe your own insurer a phone call about the accident. In most cases, the rules of your policy instruct clients to call their insurer as soon as possible. When you phone them, have the below information on hand:

  • Your policy. If you have rental car coverage or medical coverage, you should know about it before you call.
  • The accident report. These reports are usually available soon after the accident.
  • A summary of how the accident occurred and your physical injuries.

What to Do Next

What you do after an accident could affect the money damages you are paid. For example, if you are found to be partially at fault, you probably will receive no money for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Follow the below tips to protect your rights to compensation:

  1. Before you speak to anyone on the phone, verify the caller's name and company.
  2. Make notes during the call.
  3. Be well enough to talk when you take the call. Don't be under the influence of any pain medication or suffering from your injuries to the point that you cannot speak with clarity and purpose.
  4. This is important: accident victims are not obligated to speak with the insurance representatives for the other driver, regardless of what they may tell you.
  5. Any time you are speaking to someone on the phone about the accident, you are being recorded.
  6. Being paid for your damages is not contingent on speaking with the other driver's insurer.
  7. The most valuable tip is to seek help from a personal injury lawyer. They can cope with the insurer for you and take over all the details of settling a claim. Don't try to deal with the other insurers on your own when you have so much to lose when things go wrong.

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