Put Up Your Best Defense When You Face Criminal Charges

There is no such thing as criminal charges that are no big deal. If you are found guilty of a crime, this will be on your criminal record. You might face jail time, or have to deal with probation because you didn't invest in the representation you needed. Anything that goes on your record can lead to problems finding a job in the future or renting an apartment. Even when you think the charges against you don't have serious consequences, always take criminal charges seriously. You don't want to start building a record, simply because you didn't think your charges warranted the need for a criminal defense attorney.

Public Defenders Are Busy

While a public defender is qualified to handle your criminal defense, they are busy people. Most public defenders have limited time to work on your case, and they often work to settle your case to avoid a lengthy trial. If you don't feel that a public defender can adequately defend your case, it is worth the investment to hire a private criminal attorney to defend you.

Criminal Charges Add Up

If this is your first offense, you may not be concerned about your criminal record. This is a mistake. While you aren't going to be charged twice for a criminal act, your criminal record will be looked at any time you are in court. When this is your second or third criminal charge, a pattern starts to emerge. You are more likely to face tougher consequences if you have a pattern of criminal charges where you have been found guilty.

You Have the Right to a Trial

You may be encouraged to settle your case, but you have the right to a trial. A private criminal defense attorney will talk to you about your options. If the prosecution has limited evidence of the crime you are charged with, it makes sense to push your case forward. When you know you are innocent, never admit to guilt under any circumstance. An attorney will help you decide whether a plea deal is in your best interest or not.

When facing criminal charges, always go with a strong defense. It does not make you look more guilty when you hire a private attorney, and it gives you the best defense possible. Get the representation you need when you have pending criminal charges, and hire a private attorney that has the time to fully represent your case.