Why Your Lawyer Might Not Fight To Prove Your Innocence

In the popular imagination, a criminal law attorney is somebody who stands in front of a jury and proves their client’s innocence. The real-world version of a lawyer, though, often elects to do something quite different. Especially if you feel your innocence is self-evident, you might wonder why your attorney would choose to handle your case in a different way. Here are some reasons why a lawyer may not argue the same way you see it portrayed on TV.

The Basics Of The Civil Litigation Process

Working with a civil litigation lawyer is a process that can feel alien to many people. You likely have some idea of what happens based on what you’ve seen from television, movies and the news. Rightly though, you probably have some doubts about how accurate that picture is. Let’s follow a timeline of the basics of civil litigation to improve your understanding of the process. The Complaint At the core of the process is the complaint.

Important Things To Know About Child Custody

Going through a divorce is rarely easy for anyone. However, the entire process can become even more difficult when a divorcing couple shares children and must deal with the matter of child custody. For most people, child custody is a very touchy subject, and one of the hardest parts of going through a divorce. Most parents do not like to think about being separated from their children throughout the year, but it is part of being divorced.

The Check's Not in the Mail: Getting Paid for SSDI

If you are in the process of applying for Social Security benefits, you might want to know what to expect in terms of payment. The SSA no longer issues paper checks to approved recipients, so read to learn more about two ways you can get paid Social Security benefits. Use a Bank Account Many employers make the use of direct deposit a requirement of employment and the SSA does too. In fact, no government benefits agency sends out paper checks anymore, be it the SSA, the Veteran’s Administration, the military or any other agency.

Drive Time: How A DUI Affects Driving Privileges

If an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) has you worried about your future driving privileges, you are right to be concerned. The way your DUI case turns out can have a huge effect on your punishments, and that includes your driving privileges. That means that you must make it a priority to retain a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in working with DUI clients. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself for the potential outcome of your case by taking a look at what might happen to your ability to drive.

Injured While Shopping: How A Pesonal Injury Lawyer Can Help

When you think of getting a lawyer for a personal injury, you think a lawyer will only assist those with work-related injuries. This is not the case: the goal of a personal injury lawyer is to assist any person who has been injured in any location and the injury was caused by the neglect of someone else. You’ve been injured while shopping at a local store and you have medical bills piling up, lost work while you heal, and other expenses that you shouldn’t have to pay.

Can You Pursue Compensation From A Car Accident Without Any Injuries?

A lot of car accidents leave people injured, but there are also times when a car accident will not cause injuries to the party that did not cause the accident. If you did not cause the collision and do not have any injuries, you might wonder if you can pursue a personal injury case from the accident. If you are in this position, here are a few things you should understand about this.

What It's Like To Discuss A Criminal Defense With A Lawyer

Working with a criminal defense lawyer services firm to present your side of an event when you’ve been accused of wrongdoing is a unique experience. You’ll be putting a lot of faith in the hands of the practice that’s representing your interests, so it’s a good idea to know how the process works. Getting Started If you have not already been released from jail, your attorney will likely attempt to obtain your release at the first available hearing.

Long Term Disabilities You Cannot See, And Proving That They Are Real

In the last twenty or thirty years, the SSA (Social Security Administration) has added dozens more qualifying disabilities.  Many of these disabilities are ones that other people cannot see. Having one of these disabling and qualifying conditions is not enough; you will need the assistance of a good disability law attorney to prove you have these conditions. Then check the following to see if you have an “unseen” condition that qualifies.

Why It's So Important For You To Fight Your Traffic Ticket In Court

If you have recently received a traffic ticket, you might want to consider pleading not guilty and then fighting it in court before you simply agree to pay the fine. There are a few good reasons to do this, such as the following points. You May Not Have To Pay Money Some traffic offenses can result in major fines, especially once all of the additional fees are tacked on on top of the initial fine.

Three Answers To Common Domestic Assault Questions

It is a reality that domestic violence is a fairly common issue. While this crime can result in serious injuries and emotional harm, individuals are often poorly informed about the legal issues concerning domestic violence or how they should respond. This can lead to victims and those accused of this crime to make mistakes as they struggle to grapple with its consequences. What Should A Person Do If They Are The Victim Of Domestic Assault?

Has Your Teenager Been Arrested For DUI? Here Are Other Charges They May Face

Teenagers arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) often face other related charges aside from the obvious one of intoxicated driving. It all depends on where they got the alcohol, who they were drinking with, where they were drinking, among other factors. Here are some of the related charges your teenager may face: Underage Drinking Underage drinking is a crime; this is the case even for teenagers who don’t drink and drive.

Car Accident Liability: Negotiating For Your Fair Share

When it comes to car accident injuries, the amount you may be entitled to is definitely not set in stone. Determining the amount you are entitled to get and how to go about getting it can be a bit complex, but learning a bit about the process should help ease your fears and reduce stress over the unknown. While it’s best to place your case in the hands of personal injury attorney, knowing what’s going on with your case is important as well.

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Hire A Disability Attorney

Have you recently become disabled, through no fault of your own? Are you struggling to pay bills because you’re unable to work? If you’ve become permanently disabled, you should be eligible for compensation. Unfortunately, getting the appropriate compensation from either social security or an insurance company can be difficult. In order to prevent paying out any money to people who are ineligible, they will sometimes deny the claims of people who are eligible.

Tips To Be Prepared To Meet With An Attorney For The First Time

Your initial consultation with an attorney can be critical for allowing you to make an informed decision about whether you should pursue legal action. If you have never had a consultation with an attorney, these basic tips will provide you with a clearer understanding when it concerns what is needed to have a productive meeting with an attorney. Review The Details Of Your Accident As time passes, it can be easy for the details of your accident to gradually become more difficult to remember.

About Settling A Dispute With A Vendor

Getting into a deal that plays a major role in the success of your business is a major risk to take that is sometimes necessary. For instance, it you have a contract with a business that is responsible providing the products that you sell, problems can arise if deliveries are not made. You can end up losing out on money from not having enough products to sell to customers. If you are in such a situation, this article will give you an idea of how a commercial litigation lawyer can resolve the issue.

3 Reasons To Hire A Probate Lawyer

A probate lawyer can be one of the most useful resources at your disposal if you are attempting to handle an estate for a friend, loved one, or client that has passed away, mostly due to the fact that he or she will be able to help you deal with the variety of potential legal issues that can come up. Listed below are three reasons to hire a probate lawyer.

Defining What an Environmental Law Attorney Does: A Two-Sided Perspective

In court, there are almost always two sides to every case. That is evident by the plaintiff and defendant positions in the courtroom. That said, you might be wondering just what an environmental law attorney does. He/she is no different from most other lawyers as he/she defends both sides of an argument in court. The following perspective helps define and clarify exactly what this type of attorney does, from both sides of the courtroom.

When You Slip And Fall: Determining Liability And Proving Your Injuries

When you slip and fall on someone else’s property, you may be able to seek financial compensation if you get injured. For example, if you are walking along in a department store and you slip because there is water on the floor, the store is liable for your injuries if you sustain any. If the store neglects their property and you get hurt because of it, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit.

A Guide To Dealing With A Child Custody Case

To make sure that you are able to protect your rights to parenthood, you’ll owe it to yourself to get the representation of a family lawyer, work to strengthen the bond with your child, and seek the overall professional help that you need. By giving yourself the best chance to win the case, you’ll be able to make the most out of this situation. Start by considering these tips below. 

Mistakes To Avoid: How You Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, there are a number of reasons you can hurt the outcome of your case. Even when you have a strong case, your behaviors online or mistakes you make filling out forms can make a difference in the financial compensation you receive. When you have questions, talk with your attorney instead of putting details of your case on social media and asking questions there.

How To Get Money Out Of A Trust Fund Early

Most parents want a financial plan in place for their children in case something happens. One of the ways to provide security is to set up a trust fund. A trust fund is a fund that contains assets for a beneficiary and held by a trustee. However, it has stipulations. Beneficiaries usually cannot get the assets until certain things happen or at a certain age. If you are going through financial difficulty, then it can be hard to wait for the money to be released.

Infringing on Your Rights: Consent to Search

Television shows like Cops frequently show individuals being pulled over, being questioned, and having their vehicles searched. Did you know that you have the right to refuse permission for such a search? Your vehicle is your personal property, or at least that of another party, and warrant-less searches by law enforcement personnel are not allowed. To learn more about how to assert your rights when you get stopped by the police, read on.

The Challenges Of Collecting Adequate Compensation For The Death Of A Child

Putting a price on the life of a person who died is the hardest part of a wrongful death suit. However, it’s even more difficult when children are the victims. It’s an unfortunate reality that many parents are given small monetary awards in their cases, even though their emotional losses are big. Here is one reason why this occurs and what you can do to increase the odds you’ll get a larger court award.

Things That Can Increase Your Chance Of A Negative Outcome From A DUI Charge

If you drink and drive, you risk being convicted of a DUI charge. However, in addition to driving while intoxicated, there are things that you can do to increase your chance of a conviction and a hefty sentence. Here are a few things you can do inadvertently to increase your chance of a negative outcome from a DUI charge: You can talk too much. Even if a law enforcement officer seems to be initiating a harmless, friendly conversation, he or she will be obtaining information to solidify a case against you.

Don't Be A Deadbeat: Child Support Enforcement And You

If you and your spouse have decided to call it quits, you will find it necessary to resolve many contentious issues. When it comes to dealing with children, you should know that there are strong laws to protect these vulnerable parties from harm during divorce. One parent will likely be ordered to pay child support for the minor child of the marriage, unless you are participating in a 5050 parenting plan.

In An Auto Accident? Four Steps That Could Help In Your Legal Case

General attorneys wear many hats. In the field of personal injury law some of the most frequently seen cases have to do with automobile accidents. If you are in an accident, even if there are no apparent injuries, it’s important that you take the appropriate steps in case a lawsuit is filed. First check for injuries and call 911. After that, if you are physically able, follow these four steps.They can help a personal injury attorney present your case.

Exposing Some Myths About Divorce That May Be Misleading You

Divorcing from a spouse is always a tricky and potentially conflict-ridden task, but it may be the only viable avenue for dissolving a marriage. Therefore, you need to have accurate information about this type of legal proceeding, which may require learning the truth concerning several frequent divorce myths. Myth: Wait Until You Are Completely Sure About Filing For Divorce Before Meeting With An Attorney A common assumption is that you should only schedule an appointment with your attorney once you have resolved to file the divorce paperwork.

2 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Children During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy. Both spouses will experience a great deal of stress and trauma, even if the divorce is for the best. Anytime a once meaningful relationship ends, there will be a period of grief. But what many people don’t recognize is that the divorce can be just as bad or worse for the children. If you have children, you need to be very understanding of their stress and feelings of trauma during the divorce.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For Wrongful Death After A Commercial Truck Accident?

If you have recently lost a spouse or family member due to an accident that involved a commercial truck, you might be thinking about filing a wrongful death suit. After all, you probably want the responsible party to be held responsible for the tragic accident. However, you might be wondering who will actually be held responsible in one of these cases. This will depend on the situation, and it is something that an experienced attorney, such as Allison & Rickards, Attorneys at Law, LLC, can help you determine.

What You Should Know When A Trespasser Is Injured On Your Property

When someone gets hurt on your property, you may feel scared that you’ll end up getting sued. However, when it comes to trespassers, the laws are a little different. Check out these four facts about trespassers and injury, so you can protect yourself. You Don’t Usually Have to Ensure Their Safety If you invite someone to your home, and they break their leg when your worn porch collapses, you could be held responsible.

No Close Family? 2 Big Reasons Estate Planning Still Matters

When people talk about estate planning, it’s often in the context of protecting your family financially after your death. If you don’t have children, if you’ve never married or you’ve outlived your spouse, and if you don’t have any close relatives, it’s easy to think that you don’t have to worry about estate planning. But the truth is, if you don’t have any family in your life, estate planning is still important for you.

What A General Practice Attorney Is And Four Common Kinds Of Cases That Your General Practice Attorney Can Handle

If you are looking for legal help, do not overlook a general practice attorney. While the moniker might fool you, a general practice attorney has the power to take on many different kinds of cases. Here is what a general practice attorney is, and four kinds of cases with which he or she can help you. What a General Practice Attorney Is When you think of “general practice” you might be reminded of a general or family physician, someone who did not pursue a medical specialty and therefore just treats common ailments in a clinical setting.

Understanding How Parallel Parenting Can Help Your Divorce

One of the biggest struggles for many divorcing parents is working out the details of the parenting plan. After all, when emotions are high and things aren’t particularly civil, it can be challenging to work together. Luckily, co-parenting, or working together to raise the kids, isn’t the only way to handle things. If you and your ex are not on good terms, you can ask your attorney about a parallel parenting plan instead.