Why Personal Injury Lawyers Often Don't Charge Unless They Win Your Case

Although different attorneys handle things in different ways, you will often find that personal injury lawyers do not ask for any money upfront for their services. In fact, many personal injury lawyers even tell their clients that they will not have to pay anything if the attorney does not win their case for them. This might seem a bit confusing to someone who doesn't have much experience with personal injury law, but these are a few reasons why this is such a common pricing model for personal injury attorneys.

Many People Can't Afford to Pay Attorneys Up Front

Personal injury lawyers are used to working with people who have been injured in some way. Therefore, they often have a solid understanding of their struggles. For example, many people who have been injured are unable to work and therefore are unable to bring in an income. Because of this, they might not be able to afford to pay an attorney upfront. A personal injury lawyer understands this and will often help by simply charging the client after they have won the case.

They Want to Be Competitive

There are a lot of personal injury lawyers out there, so they often compete with one another for clients. If one attorney in the area uses this pricing model, you can expect that many others will follow suit. If there are multiple personal injury lawyers in your area, you can schedule a consultation with several of them so that you can choose the right one to handle your case.

They're Encouraged to Fight Harder

A personal injury lawyer who is not going to get paid unless they win your case is probably going to be motivated to work a whole lot harder on your case. Also, since these arrangements typically involve the attorney getting paid a percentage of their clients' settlement, they are encouraged to fight for bigger settlement amounts, too. After all, not only is this a good thing for the clients that they represent, but it is a good thing for the personal injury attorney who is working the case, too.

If you have seen advertisements for personal injury lawyers that stated that the attorney would not charge you anything unless they won your case, or if you have talked to a personal injury attorney who has talked to you about something like this, then you might not have been totally sure of why this was the case or whether or not it was a good thing. However, overall, it is often good for both clients and their attorneys for legal fees to be handled in this way. Therefore, if you're in the process of shopping for a personal injury lawyer right now, you may want to work with an attorney who charges based off of a contingency model.

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