About Settling A Dispute With A Vendor

Getting into a deal that plays a major role in the success of your business is a major risk to take that is sometimes necessary. For instance, it you have a contract with a business that is responsible providing the products that you sell, problems can arise if deliveries are not made. You can end up losing out on money from not having enough products to sell to customers. If you are in such a situation, this article will give you an idea of how a commercial litigation lawyer can resolve the issue.

1. Find Out if You Have Grounds for a Lawsuit

If there are no legal grounds for your dispute, it is not likely that a lawyer will take your case. For instance, there must be a contract in place that the other party has clearly agreed to abide by. A lawyer will basically have to thoroughly review what was writing in the contract before determining if the other party broke the agreement. An oral contract will work as well, but it can be difficult to prove unless there are witnesses that can verify that the agreement took place.

2. Speak to the Other Party About the Situation

A lawyer will inform the other party about your complaint after he or she has decided to take your case. The vendor will basically have a chance to explain why you never received your shipment of products. It is possible that the other party had a legal reason for not delivering your products. For instance, there might have been bad weather on the route that could have put the delivery driver's life at risk. If the lawyer is not satisfied with the other party's explanation, he or she will move forward with helping you get compensated.

3. Find Out How Much Money Was Lost

You might be asked to provide documents that can prove how much money your business typically brings in from selling products. The lawyer will use the documents to figure out how much money you lost from not receiving the shipment. You will be able to request the amount of money that was lost, as well as money for punitive damages. It is likely that the lawyer will try to settle the dispute without going to court to help you get the money faster. However, he or she will stand by your side until the end if a court trial ends up being necessary.