Things That Can Increase Your Chance Of A Negative Outcome From A DUI Charge

If you drink and drive, you risk being convicted of a DUI charge. However, in addition to driving while intoxicated, there are things that you can do to increase your chance of a conviction and a hefty sentence. Here are a few things you can do inadvertently to increase your chance of a negative outcome from a DUI charge:

You can talk too much.

Even if a law enforcement officer seems to be initiating a harmless, friendly conversation, he or she will be obtaining information to solidify a case against you. Everything that you say can be used as evidence against you. Harmless answers to inquiries can suggest that you were drinking before getting behind the wheel of your car. 

It is best to refrain from answering any questions after being pulled over for a suspected DUI. You are not violating the law by avoiding answering the officer's questions. Save the conversations for your legal representation.Your lawyer will know what to say without incriminating you.

You can take a breathalyzer test.

Breath analyses that test for alcohol content in the field are often inaccurate. Still, if high levels of alcohol are suspected, the analysis will further convince the police officer that you are intoxicated. Avoiding the test might work against you. If the officer suspects that you are inebriated, you will be taken to the station regardless.

You can participate in a field sobriety test.

Taking a field sobriety test can offer erroneous evidence against you. Many sobriety tests can give false positive results due to medical conditions or other factors. Even if the exact test results are not admissible in court, the testimony of the officer is. Negative test results will not work in your favor.

If you are asked to walk a straight line, hop on one leg or touch the tip of your nose, simply refuse. A blood analysis can be performed after you reach the station.

You can try to get away.

When the officer signals you to pull over, it is best to comply. Trying to evade the officer will simply add additional charges against you. Avoiding a field test is not against the law, but evading an arrest is.

To learn more about the proper steps to take to lessen your chance of a large fine or prison time for an accused DUI, schedule a consultation with a local criminal attorney like Santore & Santore.